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Andrea Hiltbrunner



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“The desire to enter your new light pulses through your veins. We want to be able to feel that basic power once more, to again turn our attention to that thirst for life. My wish for this book is to move as many people as possible and to give them the courage to commit fully to themselves. Every day you have the opportunity to decide what you want and how you want to feel. Don't underestimate this step; it holds great power.” ANDREA HILTBRUNNER

In autumn 2016 I was in London, traveling by train towards Waterloo Station. Out of nowhere, something flashed through my body, and in my head I heard the word Womanifest. Within a few seconds, I was flooded by the sense of a film playing out in my mind and I saw a great vision. I saw what I'd been waiting for for so long. It was a flash of inspiration that seemed to move everything within me. A word. A vision. A concept. A lifestyle.
  • Womanifest is my MOVEMENT.
  • Womanifest stands for the women of our time who are 100% committed to feminine leadership and want to create a life starting from the deepest, most honest place in their hearts.
  • Womanifest stands for freedom, love and dedication to life.
  • Womanifest stands for everything that you create yourself: hurdles as well as opportunities and your successes.
  • Womanifest is a movement for all those who want to live in harmony with themselves.
  • Womanifest is also for men who feel drawn to it. Womanifest unites the divine feminine and masculine.

CHAPTER 1: The principle of your existence

The beginning of a journey 15
The right to be here 16
We are worthy 17
Resistance to fear 18
A view of fears 18
What fear prevents 19
Fear of decision 20
Deepening practice 21
Reflection 21
Creative journaling 25

CHAPTER 2: The principle of desire

Free yourself from your chains 31
Something that's much bigger 31
Thirst for life 33
Innocence and the magical self 34
Shame, guilt, pain 34
Scarcity and would've, could've, should've 35
Seven ways to stop your mind being messed with 36
Deepening practice 38
Reflection 38
Creative journaling 39

CHAPTER 3: The breakthrough principle

Fail. Fail better 49
Broken leg 49
The inner critic 50
Fear of being a phoney 50
Five important steps when the inner critic shows himself 52
How to distract your inner critic 55
How to make decisions easily 56
Discovering and breaking rules 57
Three-step process: Discover your rules 58
About boundaries and “over-people” 60
The fact is that we overstep boundaries 61
Deepening practice 61
Reflection 62
Creative journaling 63

CHAPTER 4: The principle of the magic of the heart

The strategy of the heart 71
The strategy of your heart 71
Three steps towards healing 73
Spiritual arrogance 74
Magical first love 75
The broken heart 76
Paris, the city where I lost my heart 77
Healer 78
Removing the mole 78
Jim 79
The slightly different plan behind the plan 80
Sorcerer's apprentice 81
The tent 83
Deepening practice 83
Reflection 84
Creative journaling 84

CHAPTER 5: The principle of your truth

Life is a thousand times better if we show ourselves as we are 93
The principle of silence 93
What is intuition and where does it reside? 95
The call comes 96
Inner guidance and Geoff's wise words 96
What is leadership and what brings me to that? 99
Who am I and what are my values? 99
The costs when you deny your truth and intuition 102
Our fears 104
It's the fear of really being seen 105
Three key elements of fear 106
As strange as it may seem 106
Deepening practice 107
Reflection 107
Creative journaling 108

CHAPTER 6: The principle of clarity

Long live freedom 115
The stake and how my childhood game helped me out 115
Escape from the gilded cage 116
Clarity is the key to everything 116
Living your own truth 117
The famous pavement 120
Deepening practice 121
Reflection 122
Creative journaling 123

CHAPTER 7: The principle of waking up and of risk

When a strong headwind blows into your face 129
Vulnerability 130
Waking up from silence 131
But where we put our focus, that's where things begin to grow 132
The power of thought 133
The birth of intuition 134
Intuition 134
Trust the inner voice 136
Of coming and going 137
Deepening practice 137
Reflection 138
Creative journaling 138

CHAPTER 8: The principle of empowering

Take your place in your own life 145
How you spend your day, you spend your life 146
Fear of criticism and of failure 146
Womanifest also means support 147
Recognizing the common thread and living your calling 148 Manifesting abundance 150
The time is now 151
Creative journaling 152
Now 155

Appendix: Next steps


I am happy when you invest in yourself.
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