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Andrea Hiltbrunner



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To this book

Dear reader
This book tells the central theme of my life.
The task of writing a book about my life was not easy for me and I have to admit that it took me more than 20 years to accept this inner challenge. The book and the original title were an inspiration that came to me 21 years ago in St. Ives, Cornwall. I have carried this book with me ever since. The title that found me back then was: Ebb and Flow.

One reason for the delay was definitely the feeling that I had nothing to say. What was even more important was that I don't want to be one of those people who take themselves too seriously. But as is the case in life, certain things call out and get louder and louder until one day we can no longer stand fighting against this inner voice. So I stopped resisting and turned to the book
I was only able to understand the true message of Ebb and Flow during the writing process. I've made it too difficult for myself all these years, figuring out how it should be. The unwritten lines carried back and forth in my head for too long.

Only today, after 20 long years, did I understand something: the title from back then represents the rhythm of life. For the flow of joy and liveliness. For the ups and downs in life that we always have to face,
to truly grow and thrive. Ebb and flow represents the simplicity of coming and going.

So the moment has come to write down this book and my message for you so that your life can flow joyfully too.

Table of contents

CHAPTER 1: The Principle of Your Existence
The beginning of a journey 15
The right to be there 16
We are worthy of 16
Resistance to fear 18
A perspective on fears 18
What prevents fear 19
The fear of making a decision 20
Deepening Practice 21
Reflection 22
Creative journaling 25
CHAPTER 2: The Principle of Longing

Free yourself from your bonds 31
Something much bigger 31
The thirst for life 33
Innocence and the magical self 34
Shame, guilt, pain 34
Lack and I should, should, would have 35
Seven ways to stop the mindfuck 36
Deepening Practice 38
Reflection 38
Creative journaling 39
CHAPTER 3: The principle of breakthrough
Fail. Fail better 49
Broken leg 49
The inner critic 50
The fear of being a fake 50
Five important steps when your inner critic shows up 52
How I can redirect my inner critic 55
How to make decisions easily 56
Discovering and breaking rules 57
Three-step process: discover your rules 58
Of borders and supermen 60
The fact is that we cross borders 61
Deepening Practice 62
Reflection 63
Creative journaling 64

CHAPTER 4: The Principle of Magic of the Heart
The strategy of the heart 71
Your heart's strategy 71
Three steps to healing 73
Spiritual pride 74
The first love spell 75
The burst heart 76
Paris, the city to which I lost my heart in 77
Healer 78
Cutting out the mark 78
Jim 79
The slightly different plan behind Plan 80
Sorcerer's Apprentice 82
The tent 83
Deepening Practice 84
Reflection 84
Creative Journaling 84
CHAPTER 5: The Principle of Your Truth
Life is a thousand times more beautiful when we show ourselves as we are 93
The principle of silence 93
What is intuition and where is it located? 95
The call sounds 96
Inner guidance and Geoff's words of wisdom 96
What is leadership and how do I get there? 99
Who am I and what are my values? 100
The Cost of Denying Your Truth and Intuition 102
Our fears 105
It's the fear of really being seen 106
Three Key Elements of Fear 106
As wild as it may sound 107
Deepening Practice 108
Reflection 108
Creative Journaling 108
CHAPTER 6: The Principle of Clarity
Long live freedom 115
The torture stake and how my childhood game benefits me 115
Unleashed from the Golden Cage 116
Clarity is the key to everything 116
Living your own truth 117
The famous sidewalk 121
Deepening Practice 122
Reflection 123
Creative Journaling 124

CHAPTER 7: The Principle of Awakening and Risk

When the headwind blows in your face 129
Vulnerability 130
Waking up from the silence 131
Where we focus, something begins to grow 132
The power of thoughts 133
The birth of intuition 134
Intuition 135
Trust your inner voice 136
About coming and going 137
Deepening Practice 138
Reflection 138
Creative Journaling 138
CHAPTER 8: The Principle of Empowerment
Take your place in your life 145
How you spend your day is how you spend your life 146
The fear of criticism and failure 146
Womanifest also means Support 147
Recognize the common thread and live your calling 148
Manifesting Abundance 150
The time is now 151
Creative Journaling 153
Now 155
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